Lee Newell

Gary Smith
Kill Total2
Kill PlaceNorwich
Kill Date1989 & 2013
VictimMary Neal  Subhan Anwar
CourtWarwick Crown Court
JudgeMr Justice Baker
ProsceutionPeter Grieves-Smith
DefenceJoseph Stone QC
Case No:U20130190      
1988, Lee Newell, originally from Norwich, was  jailed at the city's crown court for strangling his neighbour, 56-year-old Mary Neal.

1989, Convicted of murder

February 2013, Newell along with Gary Smith murdered child killer Subhan Anwar, who was serving a life sentence for killing a 2-year-old child.

The pair followed him into his cell at HMP Long-Lartin in Worcestershire,  where with weapons fashioned from a pen and a toothbrush, they attacked him, strangling him with his own pyjamas. They then drank a hot chocolate before letting prison guards into the cell.

23rd September 2013, At Warwick Crown Court both men were found guilty of murder.

The judge, Mr Justice Baker handed down a 'Whole Life tariff' to both men, meaning they will never be released. See list of prisoners on list here >>

11th April 2014, Newell appealed to the high court against his 'Whole life Tariff', the appeal was rejected. Download the judgement here >>