Lee Newell

Gary Smith
Kill Total2
Kill PlaceNorwich
Kill Date1989 & 2013
VictimMary Neal-56. Subhan Anwar
CourtWarwick Crown Court
JudgeMr Justice Baker
ProsceutionPeter Grieves-Smith
DefenceJoseph Stone QC
Case No:U20130190      
1988, Lee Newell, originally from Norwich, was  jailed at the city's crown court for strangling his neighbour, 56-year-old Mary Neal.

1989, Convicted of murder

February 2013, Newell along with Gary Smith murdered child killer Subhan Anwar, who was serving a life sentence for killing a 2-year-old child.

The pair followed him into his cell at HMP Long-Lartin in Worcestershire,  where with weapons fashioned from a pen and a toothbrush, they attacked him, strangling him with his own pyjamas. They then drank a hot chocolate before letting prison guards into the cell.

23rd September 2013, At Warwick Crown Court both men were found guilty of murder.

The judge, Mr Justice Baker handed down a 'Whole Life tariff' to both men, meaning they will never be released. See list of prisoners on list here >>

11th April 2014, Newell appealed to the high court against his 'Whole life Tariff', the appeal was rejected. Download the judgement here >>

November 2014, double murderer Lee Newell lost an eye when he was attacked by fellow prisoner Gary Vinter. Newell is suing the government for allegedly failing to protect him.

Lee Newell, now aged-52, was punched to the ground and kicked in the head by double killer Gary Vinter at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes. Vinter carried out the attack to get moved to a different prison.

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