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Terry Hayden
Terry Hayden

Freelance Researcher & Psychologist / Therapist
Author, Broadcaster & Speaker


I have always been interested in crime. as a young boy l enjoyed the stories that my father, who was a detective in the metropolitan police force, used to tell me.
The interest never went away, l would read crime books, and eventually in my 30's went to university to study law and psychology (BSc), going on to take an MA in Criminology, and an MSc in Applied Psychology. I have read most of the leading academic Criminology & Criminal justice books, examining crime from a psychological and sociological point of view.
I was frustrated with many of the internet sites that featured murders on them, they seemed to either sensationalise the crimes or worst still the author would carry over their hatred or love of a certain serial killer or mass murderer. I wanted a site that was just fact, well written with no hype, just facts, hence the birth of www.murderuk.com.
In recent times through the website, we have been featured in several leading crime books, I have assisted several police forces with research and have taken part in TV and radio programs. And in 2011 assisted with two feature films. (Neither came to fruition).
I work in private practice as a psychotherapist. I previously worked for a leading Mental Health Charity within criminal justice. 

I currently work for a PCN as a Lead Social Prescriber/Health Coach.