Viktors Dembrovskis

Viktors Dembrovskis
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceLondon
Kill DateMay 2005
VictimJeshma Raithatha - 17
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgePeter Beaumont

16th May 2005, Dembovskis raped and murdered 17-year-old Jeshma Raithatha in Greenford, West London, on her way home from school. He had raped her, strangled her, then stabbed her to death. DNA test would later confirm, as his DNA was not only found on her body, but on a necklace he had stolen from her that was in his jacket pocket at his home close by. Dembovskis fled to Latvia four days after the murder but was arrested and extradited back to England.

Monday 20th June 2005, Dembovskis is arrested at the family home in Latvia.

29th March 2006, Dembovskis was found guilty of rape and murder at the Old Bailey, the juey taking three hours to deliver a unanimous verdict, guilty of murder and rape.  He received three concurrent terms of life imprisonment and the trial judge recommended that he should never be released, It was revealed that he had been jailed twice on rape charges in his native Latvia.

February 2007, the European Court of Justice began a review of lifelong imprisonment to determine whether such sentences amounted to a violation of human rights. It lifelong imprisonment is outlawed, then Dembovskis and all other prisoners serving such sentences would have their cases recalled to court in order for a new minimum term to be set.

23 February 2008, It was revealed that Dembrovskis was one of around 50 prisoners who had been issued with whole life tariffs and will never to be released. See list Here >>

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