Valdo Calocane

Valdo Calocane
Kill Total
Kill PlaceNottingham
Kill Date13 June 2023
VictimBarnaby Webber-19,
Grace O'Malley-Kumar-19, Ian Coates-65
 Crown Court
JudgeMr Justice Turner 
ProsceutionKarim Khalil KC
DefencePeter Joyce KC
Case No:U20220603

2019, Calocame started hearing voices, he was prescribed anti-psychotic medication, but rarely took it as he believed he was ok.

23rd May 2020, Calocane went to the local hospital, he thought he was having a heart attack. He was later arrested after causing damage to a door on returning to his flat. He was taken to Nottingham Custody suite.
An assessment by psychiatric services under the Mental Health Act 1983 was carried out at, where it was concluded that Calocane was psychotic but that his risk to others was low at the time. He was released without charge and referred to CMHT crisis team for review at home.
An hour after he returned to his flat, Calocane "knocked down another door to a different flatin the block". He was again arrested for criminal damage and after a re-assessment was detained under the Mental Health Act and admitted to in-patient psychiatric services at the Highbury Hospital in Nottingham.

September 2021, Nottinghamshire Police were called to support the mental health services with a Section 135 warrant to section Calocame under the Mental Health Act. Police took him to Highbury hospital, during transport he assaulted one of the police officers.
At him home authorities found about seven months worth of the anti-psychotic medication prescribed to Calocame for paranoid schctizophenia 

January 2022, after attacking his flatmate he is again sectioned under the mental health act and held in hospital.

Tuesday 13th June 2023,

November 2023, Calocame moved to high security Ashworth hospital.

Tuesday 23rd January 2024

Thursday 25th January 2024, Calocame is given a hospital; order

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