Timothy Morss & Brett Tyler

  • Brett Tyler
  • Timothy Morss
DOBTyler - June 1965
Morss - March 1963
OccupationTyler - Taxi driver
Morss - Baker
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceHungerford
Kill DateOct 1994
VictimDaniel Handley - 9
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeMr Justice Curtess
Case No:
Morss and Tyler had met whilst imprisoned at Wormwood Scrubs during the early 1990s 
both had been convicted of child sex offences, they struck up a relationship. 
Morss had been convicted of attacking and raping two young boys in 1986.
Tyler had been arrested for indecency with young boys and sentenced to four years in prison.
Morss lived in Bradley Stoke on the outskirts of Bristol where he co-owned and ran a reasonably successful taxi firm.  Tyler had previously been a baker, but was currently unemployed.

2nd October 1994,  Boyfriends Timothy Morss and Brett Tyler, were cruising the streets looking for young boys, to abduct, sexually abuse and murder. They spotted Daniel with his bicycle near his Beckton, east London home, he had stopped to fix the chain. They decided he was the perfect subject for their sexual fantasies. 
After they snatched Daniel they drove him to a local minicab office and assaulted him sexually.
Daniel was then later driven over a 100 miles to a lay-by near Junction 14 of the M4, Hungerford, where he was again sexually assaulted, and then strangled with a rope. 
They then took Daniel's body to a golf course at Bradley Stoke, close to Bristol, where they left the body in a shallow hole. Two weeks later they returned to bury it deeper.
Tyler had allegedly been drinking, and smoking cannabis all day, and had earlier paid two other young boys to expose themselves to him.

Morss and Tyler went to the Philippines after Daniel Handley's death, where the abuse of children continued.

March 1995, Foxes dug up a skull on the golf course, on further inspection police were called and the body of 9-year-old Daniel was found.

When Morss returned to England, to check on his business, Daniel's body had been found and he was quickly arrested on suspicion of murder. Tyler had to be extradited back to England from the Philippines to stand trial. 

Thursday 16th May 1996, At The Old Bailey in London, Morss admitted to the murder, while Tyler did not. 
A jury of eight men and four women took just under 3-hours to convict Brett Tyler and Timothy Morss of the murder of 9-yer-old Daniel Handley.
The judge Mr. Justice Cutress, called them "Vultures", they were both sentenced to life.