Thomas McDowell

Christopher Simcox
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceCamden, London
Kill DateJuly 2002
VictimAndreas Hinz - 27
CourtSouthwark Crown Court
JudgeGeoffrey Rivlin QC
Case No:
3rd July 2002, McDowell posed as a rent boy and flirted with trainee Rabbi Andreas Hinz. After quite a few drinks they then went back to McDowell's home. Within moments McDowell attacked 37-year-old Mr Hinz, strangling him.
He sat with the corpse overnight, the next morning he went out to borrow a chainsaw.
On returning he dragged the body to the bathroom where he used the saw to dismember the body. He then put body parts in to bin-liners and put them out for the dustman to collect.
The rubbish collection was missed that week, plus it was a very hot summer. Flies soon surrounded the area and the terrible smell attracted attention.

14th July 2002, Within days McDowell was arrested, admitting his crime to police saying 'I have been having nightmares'.
after his arrest McDowell was sent to Rampton Secure hospital for evaluation before he could stand trial.

Thursday 30th September 2004, McDowell admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, claiming he was a 'Controlled Psychopath', the jury rejected this and found him unanimously guilty of murder.
Friday 1st October 2004, McDowell sentenced to life imprisonment. The judge said " I do not know whether it will ever be thought safe to release you into the community". McDowell was given a 'Whole Life Tariff', 

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