Shahidul Ahmed

Ireneusz Bartnowski
OccupationTaxi Driver
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceHartlepool
Kill DateDec 2002
M.O.Beating & Strangulation
VictimRachel Manning - 19
CourtLuton Crown Court 
JudgeMr Justice Wilkie
Case No:
9th December 2002, Rachel Manning left a nightclub in Milton Keynes to catch a taxi home to Wolverton, on her own, her boyfriend Barri White left to stay at his friend Keith Hyatt's home.

Rachel phoned her flatmate at 2.43am to say she was upset, and phoned Barri White to say she did not know where she was. White and Hyatt agreed to pick her up at a Blockbuster video store at 3.13am, but she did not show up.

11th December 2002, Rachel was found dead in undergrowth at Woburn golf club. She had been strangled and her face disfigured by blows with a steering lock.

Shahidul Ahmed, aged-41, had strangled, and then repeatedly hit the 19-year-old shop assistant with a car steering lock, before dumping her body in undergrowth at the golf course.

2002, Rachel's boyfriend Barri White, aged-34, was sent to prison after a court convicted him of killing Rachel, whom he planned to marry.

2007, Only after forensic evidence from the original trial was discredited was the previous 
convictions quashed.

2008, Barri White was acquitted following the BBC Rough Justice documentary 'Murder Without A Trace' which challenged his 2002 conviction for her murder. 
A friend, Keith Hyatt, who was wrongly convicted of helping White was also cleared. 

Ahmed appeared at Luton Crown Court, The jury heard that his DNA was found on the steering lock, and that it was "totally improbable" that a hair found on her clothing did not belong to him.

Sentencing Ahmed, the judge, Mr Justice Wilkie, said Manning had had "much to look forward to and was relishing the challenges of life".

Ahmed was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 17-years.

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