Nathan Mann

Nathan Mann
Kill Total3
Kill PlaceLeicester & HMP frankland
Kill Date2007 & 2011
M.O.Beating, Suffocation, Knife
VictimRashmi Badiani - 56
Radhaben Chauhan - 72
Michael Harrison - 23
CourtNottingham Crown Court
JudgeMr Justice McCombe
ProsecutionTimothy Spencer QC
DefencePaul Mann QC,

6th November 2007, at around 11:30pm 19-year-old Nathan Mann entered Hayes Park Nursing Home, Leicester with the intention of robbing it.The home is in Cropthorne Avenue, a quiet cul-de-sac in the Rowlatts Hill area of Leicester.
Mann broke in through a downstairs window which was actually the bedroom of two residents. Rashmi Badiani aged-56, and Radhaben Chauhan aged-72. Both residents were bed-bound and would have beenhelpless to resist the attack from Mann.

7th November 2007 They were found at 4am the following morning by staff on their rounds. Mrs Badiani had suffered massive head injuries and Mrs Chauhan had been smothered with her bedclothes.

When arrested Mann admitted to being in the room where the murders happened, but would say nothing further. Mann denied suggestions of a sexual motive

Monday 14th July 2008, Mann, of Avonside Drive, Crown Hills, Leicester, pleaded guilty to two charges of murder when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court. Sentencing was deferred to allow for medical reports, and a psychological assesment of Mann. 

Thursday 31st July 2008, Mann was sentenced to life imprisonment with a recommendation he serve a minimum of 24 years. The trial judge, Mr Justice McCombe warned him he could expect to spend at least 30 years behind bars for crimes of 'such 'an appalling nature'.
Saturday 1st October 2011, Nathan Mann and accomplice, Mitchell Parr, lured convicted peadophile Mitchell Harrison, aged-23, into Mann's prison cell where Michael Parr pinned him down and Mann cut his neck with a scalpel made from plastic cutlery and a razor blade, he also tried to snap his neck. the pair then cut open his stomach with the intention of eating their victims liver, but they could not carry it through.
Mann calmly walked out of the cell, to a prison guard, where he said "there is a dead man in the cell".
When asked why they had done it, Mann said the two men had fanaticised about killing and eating someone, Harrison had annoyed them as he was arrogant.
Harrison was serving a 4 year sentence for raping a 13-year-old girl.

several months before the pair lured Harrison to cell C22 in the vulnerable prisoner wing, Mann had told his mental health nurse that he wanted to kill 'a nonce'.

Monday 3rd October 2011, Mann and fellow prison inmate Michael Parr appeared at Peterlee Magistrates' Court, Co Durham, accused of killing Mitchell Harrison at HM Prison Frankland.

Wednesday 4th October 2011, The pair appeared at Newcastle crown court charged with murder.

Thursday 12th July 2012, Mann pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He was jailed for a further 16 years.
Parr pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to a minimum 32 years, he was currently serving a life sentence for attempted murder of a hospital patient.
At Newcastle Crown Court, the Judge Mr Justice Openshaw said it was unlikely that the pair would ever be released.

7th August 2020, Prison officer Alan Johnson, aged-59, was allegedly left mentally scarred after witnessing peadophile Mitchell Harrison be disembowelled in front of his eyes has won a £125,000 payout.
Mr Johnson was working at HMP Frankland, Durham, when he witnessed the horrific attack by Nathan Mann & Michael Parr, on convicted paedophile Mitchell Harrison.

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