Mark Weston

Stephen Grimwood
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceNorwich
Kill DateAug 1995
VictimVikki Thompson
CourtNorwich  Crown Court
Case No:T2022

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Serial Killers
Helen Rusher had been in a relationship with Mark Weston, he was the father of her 7-year-old child. But she ended the relationship due to his violence.

12th August 1995, Vikki Thompson was attacked while walking her dog near her home in Ascott-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire. 
She was struck repeatedly over the head with heavy objects, which caused skull fractures and a severe brain injury; she died six days later from her injuries.

1996, Weston was tried, but found not guilty by a jury, he was acquitted and released.

2003, after the New Criminal Justice act was introduced it was possible for a person to stand trial for the same crime for a second time, this had previously not been possible under  'Double Jeopardy' rules. Weston was the first person in the UK to face the new rules.

2009, new evidence was presented to the CPSA, and a re-trial was ordered


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