Mark Cameron

Christopher Simcox
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceSouthampton
Kill Date1986
VictimDouglas Latter

28th December 1986, 3 days after Christmas, a cold wet night, Cameron got in to the taxi of 47-year-old Doggie Latter, he ordered him to drive him to a field at Shop Lane, in Old Netley.
Cameron produced a knife and slashed at the taxi drivers throat, as well as stabbing him in the ribs. Mr Latter managed to escape the car but Cameron continued his attack in the field, demanding money.

Mr Latters' half naked body was found the following morning by local farmers, Mr Latter had been stabbed a total of 44 times.
A post-mortem later showed that Mr Latter had fought for his life, his hands were badly cut as he attempted to fight off the unprovoked attack.

Back at his B&B Cameron boated to flatmates that he had committed the perfect murder, even drawing a map where the crime had been committed.
One of the shocked men went to the police.

After his arrest Cameron gave police varying stories, but in the end gave police some information that only the killer would know.

He claimed that although he was in the taxi that night, a mystery third man had committed the murder

3rd February 1987, The jury did not believe Cameron's stories, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

3 weeks before the murder Cameron had become a father, after the trial his girlfriend moved away so that the daughter would not know the horrors of her father.

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