Malcolm Green

Malcolm Green
AKABody in the bags
Kill Total2
Kill PlaceSwansea & Bristol
Kill Date1971 & 1990
M.O.Stabbing & Beating
VictimGlenys Johnson - 41  Clive Tully - 25

2nd Trial

CourtBristol Crown Court
JudgeMr Justice Rose
ProsecutionMr Paul Chad QC
Case No:

Roger Green was the 4th born of 12 children, he was run over by a train and decapitated, close to Ealing station in London, whilst going to a football match in Reading in 1965..
Malcolm Green was the 5th born, and was probably deeply affected by the death of his brother.
Various news reports over the year have stated that Malcolm was 12-years-old at the time of his brothers death, this is incorrect, he was actuality 20 years old when his brother died in 1965. He also did not witness the incident as he was in Cardiff where the family lived

As an adult Green got a job in a slaughter house, before leaving to work in the docks in Cardiff as a crane driver. He got married at age 21, and at the time of the first murder, his wife was in a local hospital after suffering a miscarriage.

Monday 21st June 1971, After leaving a nightclub, and after bumping into a woman, Green brutally Attacked 41-year-old prostitute Glenys Johnson on waste ground near the docks in Cardiff.
Green slashed her throat with a broken bottle,  then called the police saying "Have you found the body yet? There will be four more. This is the ripper'."

Those calls were then traced to the British Steel Corporation’s East Moors works where Green worked. He had gone to the docks where he worked to shower, and change and wash his bloodstained clothes.
Glenys Johnson's half-clothed body was subsequently found hidden face down, under a car on some waste ground off of Wharf Street in Cardiff near the docks, Green had  slashed her throat, causing a 5-inch wound and then had proceeded to cut other parts of her body. She had been cut up with a jagged bit of broken glass, her throat was so badly slashed the head had nearly been decapitated.
When arrested, Green immediately confessed before later retracting his statement, calling police “barefaced liars”.
In his confession, he told detectives: “I don’t know how I done it. All I had was a comb and a shilling. The next thing I knew I was walking home smothered in blood. I know I did it.

Only months earlier, he had told his wife he wondered what it was like to kill somebody.

When the police went to Malcolm Green's flat on the Coed-Y-Gores Estate in Llanederyn, where he lived with his wife, they found a dummy In the corner of a room made out of rolled up carpet and dressed in a shirt and coat, with a knife embedded in it's chest and with a red substance staining the area of the stab point.

5th November 1971, Green was jailed for life at Cardiff Assizes, with a minimum 25 years prison term, for the murder of 41-year-old  prostitute Glenys Johnson,

October 1989, Green was released from Leyhill open prison near Bristol, after serving 18-years of his 25-year sentence, a psychiatrist claiming he was safe for release.
On release he moved to Bristol, and made friends with a young New Zealand tourist, Clive Tully.

11th March 1990,  Tully, originally from New Zealand was touring the world, and stopping off in parts to find work to fund his travels. Tully had recently been on holiday in Spain and Portugal, and turned up at Green's house with no money.

19th March 1990, Green attacked friend Clive with a hammer, and dismembered his body. Green cut up the body in quite precise bits, then  leaving bits of body in bags scattered along rural roads in South Wales. The killing became know as "The Body In The Bags killings".

22nd March 1990 Two holdalls were spotted in a lay-by by on the A467 near Rogerstone, Newport, by a school teacher, leading police to search them. Inside was found the dismembered upper arms, legs and torso of a person, all body parts had been individually wrapped in plastic and then sealed with sellotape.

26th March 1990, Four days later, a young farmer some 15-miles away at St Brides, Wentloog, found what looked like a "football-shaped object" wrapped in a red plastic bag. When he put his hand inside it, he felt something that "appeared to be a nose".
Close by was was a white plastic bag containing two “neatly amputated” hands.

The remains were only identified after a newspaper graphic artist produced a computer-enhanced photograph of the victim.
Police then discovered the actual murder scene when they went to Mr Tully’s flat and found blood stains on the stairs and under the bed. Green's fingerprints were found in the blood.
Green had left a trail of forensic evidence, including leaving his fingerprints on the bags containing the body-parts.

30th March 1990, Green was arrested while at his new girlfriends house in the Fishponds area of Bristol at 11:25pm. He confirmed he knew Mr Tully but denied any involvement in the death.

October / November 1991, At Bristol Crown Court, After a 7-day trial  the jury reached a unanimous verdict of guilty. Green was sentenced to life imprisonment. As he was taken down, Green shouted at the jury "You are wrong".

The Home Secretary added Green to the list of prisoners on a 'Whole life Tariff', never to be considered for parole, see list here >>

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