Lydia Adler

Lee Anstice
Kill Total1
Kill Place
Kill DateMay 1744
VictimJohn Adler
11th May 1744, Adler killed her husband, John Adler, by throwing him on the ground, kicking and stamping on his groin.
He survived in hospital from the day of the attack, till the 23rd May, and he then died.

Adler, in her defence said that her husband had two wives besides her; and that a quarrel happening between her and one of the wives, the husband tried to separate them, and consequently fell over, and the other woman fell on him; and that she never touched him.
June 1744,  At her Old Bailey trial, her daughter gave evidence against her, stating that her mother had wilfully assaulted her father. 
A Dr Goodman testified that John Adler had suffered from a hernia and that the kicks that Lydia had delivered to her husband's groin would not have killed a healthy man. 
In her defence, Lydia told the court that she had been quarreling with one of her husband's three other wives, and he had fallen down while trying to part them. 

Lydia was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to be burned on the hand and set free. 
It is reported that Lydia shouted at the warders heating the branding iron with "Hurry up - I have my linen to do."