Janbaz Tarin

Jambaz Tarin
Kill Total2
Kill PlaceSolihull
Kill DateAug 2018
VictimRaneem Oudeh-22:
Khaola Saleem-49
CourtBirmingham Crown Court
JudgeMrs Justice Carr DBE
ProsecutionAnnabel Darlow QC
Case No:T20187564

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Serial Killers
2014, Raneem Oudeh came to the UK from Syria to escape war and join her mother. 
Raneem met Jambaz Tarin at college, a relationship started, 

April 2017, the coouple married in an Islamic ceremony. 
Tarin was physically and emotionally abusive to Raneem, and West Midlands Police received multiple reports from Raneem about his violent behaviour throughout their relationship. But she never told police the full story, fearing social services would take her children away.

Raneen ended the relationship when she discovered that the refugee, who had fled the war in Afghanistan, had a secret wife and family in Afghanistan, he stalked, harassed and threatened her in a terrifying campaign. Tarin even slept outside her address for 12 consecutive nights to keep his eyes on her.

27th August 2018,  Janbaz Tarin accosted 22-year-old Raneem Oudeh and her 49-year-old mother Khaola Saleem at a local Shisha bar where he openly slapped Raneem, he then followed them home and attacked them outside their home. He lunged at Raneem with a knife, and knifed Khaola after she tried to step in and protect her daughter, both diesd of stab wounds.
Post-mortem tests found they died from multiple stab wounds.

30th August 2018, Police had launched a nationwide manhunt, Tarin was found and arrested.

17th December 2018, at The Old Bailey in London, 21-year-old, Jambaz Tarin pleaded guilty to double murder. He we sentenced to serve life, with a minimum term of 32-years behind bars.

Tarin is eligible to apply for parole in January 2051.

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