James Achew

Christopher Simcox
Kill Total3
Kill PlaceNotting Hill
Kill DateNov 1929
VictimSybil Da Costa
+ 2 children
Sybil Da Costa ran a lodging house at Pembridge Villas in Notting Hill,

James Achew was a 57-year-old Japanese American, he lived with Ms Da Costa, and their child as though they were husband and wife, they Called themselves Mr & Mrs Starr. also present were Ms. Da Costa's other children,
Achew did not work, instead he lived off his common-law wife's earnings.

24th November 1929, Achew exploded in a violent rage when he thought Ms. Da Costa was having an affair.
He cut her throat with a razor, then attempted suicide by trying to cut his own throat. He also killed 2 of the children, leaving a third for dead, who luckily survived, Achew then fled to France.

January 1930, Achew pleaded delusional insanity at his trial but this was rejected by the jury, he was found guilty and sentenced to death.

19th February 1930, After psychiatric reports, Achew was sent to Broadmoor at his majesty's pleasure.