Elvis Lee

Ronald Castree
Kill Total
Kill PlacePeterborough
Kill DateMar 2011
VictimTyler Whelan
Crown Court
JudgeMr Justice 
ProsceutionChristopher Donnellan QC
Borrelli QC
Case No:T20117049
Doctors were prompted to contact social services, when young Tyler was admitted to hospital on 3 separate ocassions, including treatment for a broken leg and injured penis.
Lee had previous convictions for violence.

Monday 7th March 2011, In a fury Lee kicked and bit Tyler. Later in the day he again lost his temper and kicked 4-year-old Tyler so hard he flew 6-feet across the room, hitting a door so hard that it ruptured internal organs.
Lee beat and kicked Tyler so that he suffered more than 50 injuries to his face, neck, body, arms, hands, and legs.

Wednesday 9th May 2012, At Cambridge Crown Court, Elvis Lee denied murdering the 4-year-old boy but admitted manslaughter after kicking Tyler in the stomach.

The jury were told that Lee and the toddlers mother Stephanie Whelan, said before rushing Tyler to hospital, the boy had got into bed with them for a cuddle.

Monday 14th May 2012, Elvis Lee found guilty of murder.
Tyler's mother, Stephanie Whelan, was found guilty of allowing the boy's death.
Both were found not guilty of cruelty charges

Tuesday 15th May 2012, Lee sentenced to serve a minimum 17-years in prism.
 Stephanie Whelan was sentenced toi for years, being told she must serve a minimum of two years in prison for allowing Lee to beat young Tyler.

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