Dr Bodkin Adams

Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy
DOB21 January 1899
Kill Total130 +
Kill PlaceEastbourne
Kill Date1949 - 1983
M.O.Drug O.D.

Adams case is a very contentious one, was he a serial killer? was he a mercy killer, was he none of these? He was named as the beneficiary in the will's of 132 patients.
He is seen by many as the Victorian version of Dr Harold Shipman, but, he was never actually convicted of a murder.

Over 160 of his patients died under  suspicious circumstances.  He was tried and acquitted for the murder of one patient in 1957, another count of murder was withdrawn by the prosecution in what has been described as 'an abuse of process'.

Adams was subsequently found guilty of 13 offences of prescription fraud, lying on cremation forms, obstructing a police search and failing to keep a dangerous drugs register.

He was removed from the Medical Register in 1957 and reinstated in 1961. He was banned from prescribing dangerous drugs for life.

Bodkin Adams died in Eastbourne on 4th July 1983.

Other killer Medial practitioners;-

Nurse - Beverly Allitt - killed at least 4
Doctor - Harold Shipman - killed approx 300
Nurse - Colin Norris - Killed at least 4

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