Derrick Bird

Derrick Bird
DOB27 Nov 1957
OccupationTaxi Driver
Kill Total12
Kill PlaceCumbria
Kill Date2 June 2010
VictimSee below

Wednesday 2nd June 2010, 12 people dead and many more, up to 25 injured.

8:20am - Bird sets off in his Citeron Picasso taxi from his home in Rowrah.

8:30am Bird shots his twin brother, David, in the village of Lamplugh He then proceeded into Frizington where he shot the family solicitor, Kevin Commons, who was found shot dead in his driveway.

10:35am. Bird arrives at the taxi rank in Whitehaven where he shots fellow taxi driver, and friend Darren Rewcastle, he also shots another cabbie, Terry Kenedey and his passenger, both survive.
He drives to another taxi rank in Coach street where he shots another taxi driver.

According to eyewitness reports, Derrick Bird is seen driving through Whitehaven with his gun hanging out of the window. Shortly afterwards, police urge people in Whitehaven, Egremont and Seascale to stay indoors.

11:15am, Bird arrives in a sleepy hamlet near Egremont, Retired Sellafield worker Kenneth Fishburn shot whilst riding his bicycle on Egremont Bridge.
Haggard End. Egremont: Susan Hughes was shot as she walked home from the shops.

Wilton: Jennifer and James Jackson killed at Town End Farm.

Carlton Wood: Isaac Dixon shot while he was speaking with a farmer on the edge of a field.

Gosforth: Rugby League player Garry Purdham killed at point blank range whilst working in a field.

B5344 towards Drigg Road: Cyclist Michael Pike, 64, and Jane Robinson both killed. Robinson was delivering catalogues at the time.

Seascale: Jamie Clarke killed whilst driving through Seascale on Gosforth Road. Pub landlord Harry Berger is shot in the arm in Seascale,

1.04pm Cumbria Police revealed that Bird had abandoned his car near the hamlet of Boot and was on foot

1.30pm - The Sellafield nuclear plant near Seascale goes into lockdown

1:40pm a body was discovered in a wood near the town of Boot, police confirmed this to be the body of the gunman, Derrick Bird, there was 2 guns found with the body.

Police revealed that Bird had both a shotgun certificate and a firearms Licence for the weapons used in the massacre he had held the licence for over 20 years, and had no previous complaints or problems in relation to guns.

The Victims:-
David Bird
Kevin Commons
Darren Rwcastle
Kenneth Fishburn
Susan Hughes
Jennifer Jackson
James Jackson
Issac Dixon
Gary Purdham
Michael Pike
Jane Robinson
Jamie Clarke

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