Derek Dale
with Nabeel Aljubori

Derek dale
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceLondon
Kill DateJune 2004
M.O.Beating & Arson
VictimPaul Geddes
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgePeter fingret

Derek Dale a deaf teenager, with a drug habbit.

24th June 2004, Derek Dale, aged -18 from Plumstead in London, with 24-year-old Nabeel Aljubori, had been on a burglary spree that night to raise money for their drug habit.
They broke into the home of Paul Geddes, after attacking and killing Mr Geddes they left, returning later that night to pour petrol over the body, and over the rest of the flat in an attempt to cover up their crime. 

Mr Geddes, aged-32, was receiving treatment for mental health problems, died from multiple injuries, including a fractured skull and broken ribs.
He also had his left ear cut off and his genitals severely bruised after they were stamped on.

Thursday, 27th January, 2005, at The Old Bailey in London, both men denied the charge. Dale was found guilty of murder and ordered to serve a life sentence with a minimum term of fifteen years. Nabeel Aljubori was found guilty of manslaughter. 

Sentencing Dale, Judge Peter Fingret said: "This was a particularly brutal and callous murder on a mild and inoffensive young man.
"You and your co-defendant beat him to death, in the course of which you severed one of his ears and attempted to do the same with the other.
"It is hard to believe human beings can behave in such a way to their fellow man.

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