David Cook

David Cook
Kill Total2
Kill PlaceReading & Rhymney
Kill Date1987 & 2011
VictimBeryl Maynard 37.  Leonard Hill 63
CourtNewport Crown Crown
JudgeJustice Griffith Williams
ProsceutionDavid Aubrey QC
DefenceDavid Gottlieb
Case No:T20117488
1987, Cook strangled 37-year-old Sunday school teacher, Beryl Maynard in Reading, Berkshire, she was bound and then strangled with her dressing gown cord.

1988, Sentenced to life in prison.

2007, Absconded from an open prison. Police caught after a week on the run.

2009, Released from prison on life licence.

14th June 2011, Cook strangled his neighbour Mr Hill with the electrical TV flex after he was angered by Hill's sexual advances to him. Cook then went through the flat and stole what he could, after finding some money he went to the pub.

26th June 2011, Twelve days after the killing he informed his parole officer what he had done, and then handed himself into police.

1st May 2012, Cook was charged with murder, which he denied, but he did admit to manslaughter. The Jury took just an hour to find Cook guilty of murdering Mr Hill.

2nd May 2012, Sentenced to a 'Whole Life tariff', which means he will never be eligible for parole. He joins a lost of people who will die in prison, see list here >>