Colin Hatch

Colin Hatch
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceLondon
Kill DateJuly 1993
VictimSean Williams-7
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeNina Lowry
ProsceutionJohn Bevan
Case No:
1992, Hatch was jailed for three years for a sex attack on an 8 year old boy.
Hatch had a string of convictions from the age of 15 for assaulting young boys

April 1993, Hatch is released on parole.

July 1993, Hatch sexually assaults and killed 7 year old Sean Williams.

Sean had gone to see a friend in the tower block where Hatch lived when he was abducted, sexually assaulted and strangled. . His body was found in bin liners, dumped in a lift at the tower block.

Friday 26th January 1994,  Hatch was jailed for the murder of seven-year-old Sean Williams in Finchley, north London.
Sentencing him at the Old Bailey, the judge said: ‘In my judgment, you should never be released back into the community while there remains the slightest danger you will re-offend.’
The jury of six men and six women rejected Hatch's plea of guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter and his defence that he was driven to attack Sean by a compulsion over which he had no control. 
The prosecution claimed Hatch had planned to murder Sean after sexually assaulting him.
February 2011, Hatch was killed by fellow inmate Damien Fowkes at HMP Frankland. Fowkes also attempted to kill child murderer Ian Huntley.

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