Anthony Russell

Kill Total3
Kill PlaceCoventry & Leamington Spa
Kill Date2020
M.O.Beating & Strangulation
VictimDavid Williams-31, 
Julie Williams-58,
Nicole McGregor-31
CourtWarwick Crown Court
JudgeMr Justice Wall
ProsecutionZoe Johnson QC
DefenceTyrone Smith QC
Case No:T20207263

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Serial Killers

Background. Much of the truth behind this case still lay only with Russell.  Russell believed, incorrectly that his girlfriend was cheating on him with 31-year-old David Williams.

21st October 2020, Russell strangled David Williams in his flat in Coventry with a lanyard, he then hid the body under his bed.

Russell then went to the home of David's mother, it is he believed he confessed to her what he had done, then realising she would go to the police, he killed her, inflicting over 113 injuries to 58-year-old Julie Williams.

26th October 2020, Russell fled from Coventry with money and a mobile phone he had robbed from a 78-year-old man, this triggered a nationwide search. He travelled to Kenilworth, where he then robbed a 71-year-old woman of £200, dragging her along the ground during the unprovoked attack.

Ruissell then went on to Leamington Spa where he raped and killed Nicole McGregor a few hours after arriving. She was found in dense woodland days later, with wood and twigs in her mouth, and having suffered blunt force injuries to her head and face and a bleed to the brain, she was pregnant at the time.

Russell then went on to attack a 75-year-old man and steal his car before he was found and arrested in Staffordshire.

26th October 2020, David Williams body was found in Russell's flat with 87 seperate images.

11th March 2022, at Warwick Crown Court, Judge, Mr Justice Wall sentenced Russell to a 'Whole Life order', meaning he will never be released. 

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