Anthony Hardy

Anthony Hardy
AKACamden Ripper
DOB31 May 1951
Kill Total3 + ?
Kill PlaceCamden - London
Kill Date2002 - 2003
VictimSally White,
Elizabeth Valad
Bridgette MacClennan
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeMr Justice Keith

Hardy had a pretty normal childhood. He did well in school and trained as an engineer at college. He got married and had 3 children.

1982, Hardy arrested for trying to drown his wife, but charges dropped.

1986, His wife divorced him, claiming domestic violence as grounds.
Hardy drifted after his divorce living in various hostels around London, he also spent time in various mental hospitals, diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Hardy was released from a psychiatric hospital after doctors thought he would be no danger to the public

1998, Hardy was arrested after a local prostitute accused him of rape. The charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

January 2002, A neighbour in the same block of flat as Hardy called police after Hardy had vandalised their front door. Police arrived and after knocking at Hardy's door they became suspicious  In a locked room was the naked body of Miss Sally White, aged 38. Forensic pathologist, Dr, Freddy Patel claimed  Miss white had died of a heart attack - natural causes. (He was later struck off for this and several other serious errors.)

Hardy served a short time in prison for the vandalism.

30th December 2002, Parts of the dismembered remains of Miss Bridgette MacClennan, 34, and Miss Elizabeth Valad, 29, who both lived in London, were found in bin bags by a homeless man rummaging in bins.

The police investigation led them to Hardy who had gone on the run, they arrested him a week later.
under questioning hardy refused to cooperate and answered 'No Comment' to all questions.
Police eventually charged him with all 3 murders.

November 2003, Hardy, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to murdering Sally White, Elizabeth Valad and Bridgette MacClennan. Hardy was jailed for life for killing the 3 women.
In sentencing him, judge Mr Justice Keith said: "Only you know for sure how your victims met their deaths but the unspeakable indignities to which you subjected the bodies of your last two victims in order to satisfy your depraved and perverted needs are in no doubt."

The Metropolitan Police revealed that Hardy had been investigated for three rapes, but there was insufficient evidence to bring a case against him.
They also looked at 6 other murders in the area that carried similar MO (Modus Operndi) to Hardy, but these was again, not enough evidence to link him to the crime.

May 2010, a High Court judge decided that Hardy should never be released from prison, placing him on the Home Office list of 'Whole Life' tariff prisoners, see list Here >>

26th November 2020, Anthony Hardy died in prison. after contracting sepsis while being held at HMP Frankland in Durham.

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