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Benjamin Holding


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One Off Killers

Kill Total: 1 Kill place: Banchory, Scotland
Kill date: 13th October 2007 Victim(s): Michael Holding
Date of Birth: 1976 Marital Status: Single
AKA: Unknown Occupation: TV Executive


13th October 2007,  Holding told his wife there had been a problem with the house they were trying to purchase and said he would go and tell his father they would need to stay with him a bit longer, Holding had trouble getting a mortgage due to a poor credit history.

He went to the home and got into an argument with his father, before knocking him to the ground and hitting his head against the floor and a bowl.

Realising his father was dead, Holding wrapped the body and put it in a wheelie bin, hiding the bin under a tarpaulin and a bag of cement in a locked shed at the house.

He then destroyed evidence by washing clothes and cleaning out the utility room where Mr Holding senior had died.


Holding then set about spending 7,000 on his dead father's credit cards and purchased a 17,000 car, later claiming to police that he had been;- "spending his rightful inheritance".

He also sent false e-mails pretending to be his father and claiming he was away, somewhere else in the UK.

Holding, who was in financial difficulties, later claimed he had been driven to the killing by his "domineering" father who he said viewed him as a failure.


10th December 2007, Benjamin Holding appeared in private at Aberdeen Sheriff Court over the death of his 70 year old father,  Michael Holding.


Wednesday 16th July 2008, Holding admitted killing his 70 year old father at Edinburgh high court. He was also changed with fraud.


Thursday 21st August 2008, A judge at the High Court in Edinburgh said Holding must spend at least 15 years in jail.