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Patrick David Mackay


Franklin Bollvolt


25 September 1952
Kill Total: 5 > 12 ?

Kill date:

1974 - 1975

Kill Place:

London & Kent






Isabella Griffiths,

Adele Price,

Anthony Crean





Old Bailey








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A young man that displayed violent and psychopathic tendencies from the age of 15 after the early death of his father at age 42.
Mackay had suffered with the rest of his family at the hands of his drunken and very violent father, and was to carry his father's legacy into his own adult life. He developed a reputation for being a bully at school, and begun to like torturing animals, including his own tortoise.

A local woman reported having seen him pin birds to the road, and then stand watching, as cars ran over them. She also reports that he set a fire to an allotment shed, then called the fire brigade, and watched when they arrived.
He was in and out of approved schools and mental institutions, and in 1969 was declared a "potential psychopathic killer" by a home office psychiatrist. Mackay adopted a new name Franklin Bollvolt the first. He was fascinated by Hitler and surrounded himself in fascism, fascist books and memorabilia, he even crafted his own fascist uniform.

26th February 1974, McKay broke into the house of 85-year-old Isabella Griffiths, he kicked the door in, and had strangled her. he had also hit her several times with a heavy object, finally dragging the body into the kitchen, then stabbing her through the body so hard it pinned her to the floor. Police believed he had then stayed in the flat for several hours after the murder.

10th March 1975, He forced his way into the home of Adele Price, in Lowndes Square, Knightsbridge, London. He strangled her, and again seem he stayed in the house after the murder. Police realise there is a connection between the two murders but have no evidence of any substance.

21st March 1975, MacKay and Priest  Anthony Crean had struck up a friendship over the proceeding few years. The Priest was well known for taking in and helping unemployed and homeless.  On this occasion MacKay let himself into the priests house while he was out and waited for him to return home. When he can back they argued, MacKay picking up an axe. Father Crean locked himself in a cupboard for protection but MacKay chopped through the door with the axe, finally burying the axe into the Priests head, killing him. a nun made the gruesome discovery later that evening.

When investigating the murder of the priest, the police discovered his association with Mackay.

22nd March 1975, Now back in London, he follows a nurse home, forces his way into her home and robs her, for whatever reason he leaves her alive and goes off to spend the stolen money.

Saturday 23rd March 1975, police find MacKay in Stockwell, London, he is very hung-over and therefore does not resist and is in fact quite compliant. He readily admits to the murder of Father Crean. He is taken to Gravesend police station, after being charged he is held on remand at HMP Brixton.

Mackay was charged with 5 murders, although once in court only three of the murders were pursued, he was also questioned about a further 7 murders.

21st November 1975  At the old Bailey, 23-year-old Patrick Mackay confessed to three murders, pleading guilty on the grounds of diminished responsibility, this plea was rejected, and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

MacKay is on the Home Office list of prisoners who are on a 'Whole Life Tariff' and are likely to never be released. See list here >>.





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