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Kieran Patrick Kelly





Kill Total:

9 + ?

Kill date:

1975 - 1983

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Hector Fisher

Maurice Weighly

William Boyd





The Old Bailey














Kelly, originally from Ireland, came to the UK in 1953.


At  the age of 54 Kelly decided he did not like tramps.

This was odd, as he was a tramp himself! 

He disliked them so much he decided to kill them. An alcoholic he first killed in 1975, killing a fellow drinker in a drunken brawl. 


25th December 1975, Kelly's first known victim, elderly  Hector Fisher, was found in a Clapham churchyard on Christmas Day, stabbed repeatedly about the head and neck. Last seen alive on Christmas Eve, Fisher had been loitering with several men dressed up as "Father Christmas." police grilled a dozen suspects in the case including Kieran Kelly, but they found no evidence that would support a murder charge.


2nd June 1977, Eighteen months later, 68 year old Maurice Weighly was found dead in Soho, his face and genitals had been mutilated. The neck of a broken bottle had been thrust up his rectum. Police found Kelly and another tramp in the neighbourhood, with bloodstains on their clothing,  Kelly was charged with the murder.


his companion described the crime in grisly detail. Six months passed before the trial, and Kelly was acquitted after his barrister branded the state's key witness an alcoholic, "blind drunk" at the time of the murder. The witness subsequently vanished and was never seen again.

(Kelly later admitted to this murder in 1983).


May 1983, an elderly man was pushed onto the tracks at London's Kensington Station, only saved when the driver managed to stop the train in time. Witnesses identified Kelly as the attacker, prompting his arrest on charges of attempted murder,

At his trial the jury failed to reach a verdict, Kelly was acquitted.


4th August 1977, Kelly was arrested for robbery and being drunk in public. Locked in a police dell overnight he was angry about having to share his cell.

he crushed the skull of  William Boyd, finishing him off with a garrotte made from his socks and shoelaces.


Kelly confessed to five other murders.  not including Boyd. He admitted killing Hector Fisher and Maurice Weighly, Other victims included the missing witness from his first murder trial, and an elderly tramp, pushed beneath a train days after the Kensington Station attack.

Authorities confirmed a fatal "accident" at Oval Station on the date in question, but they had no firm corroborating evidence.


June 1984, At the Old Bailey in London, Kelly was was found guilty of the murders of William Boyd and Hector Fisher.

Kelly was sentenced to life imprisonment.  At his trial at the old Bailey a psychologist suggested that it would probably never be safe to release Kelly from prison and that he should spend the rest of his natural life behind bars


2016, An new book out claims Kelly killed at least 16 people.




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