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John Reginald Haliday Christie




8 April 1899
Kill Total:

8 +

Kill date:

August 1943 - 1953

Kill Place:

10, Rillington Place, London.


Married / Widowed


Special PC


Ruth Fuerst, 21 (August 1943)
Muriel Eady, 32 (November 1944)
Beryl Evans, 20 (8 November 1949)
Geraldine Evans, 13 months (8 November 1949)
Ethel Christie, 54 (12 December 1952)
Rita Nelson, 25 (19 January 1953)
Kathleen Maloney, 26 (February 1953)
Hectorina MacLennan, 26 (6 March 1953)



Old Bailey
Case No:  










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John Reginald Haliday Christie, was an ex-special Police  constable, during the later part of WW2. It is alleged that he gained his sexual gratification through rape, murder, and necrophilia. He would first make his victims unconscious, and then strangle them while performing necrophilia. He admitted strangling one of his victims during intercourse. Although, baby Geraldine Evans was clearly disposed of as a screaming baby, who, without a mother would arouse suspicion. In the 1940s and 1950s this man killed at least five prostitutes, his wife, a female lodger and her baby daughter. He also kept a collection of clipped pubic hairs, some of which did not match any of his known victims.

Christie was not a popular man, seemingly respectable but not liked. As a teenager he had been nicknamed "Reggie No Dick" because of his sexual inadequacy.

He served a string of prison sentences for petty crime, and was known to have visited prostitutes from the age of nineteen.

During the first world war he served as a signalman, and was subsequently discharged after a mustard gas attack. He later claimed that the attack had left him temporarily blind and mute. Although it is suspected this was mainly to get attention.

1920, He met and then  married Ethel Simpson Waddington, they settled in Sheffield.

While working as a postman he was jailed for three months, for stealing postal orders, and then;

1922 was put on probation, this time for violent behaviour.

He then moved away from Sheffield, leaving Ethel to cope on her own. he moved to London.

1929, Christie was back in prison, this time on theft charges he served nine months before moving in with a prostitute. And then another six months in prison for assaulting her. Then followed another spell inside for cart theft.

1933, He somehow convinced Ethel to travel down from  Sheffield, and suggested they give the relationship another go.

1938, The couple move in to the ground floor flat at 10, Rillington Place, Notting Hill.

August 1943, Christie, now 45 years old, started an affair with a 21-year-old Austrian girl. Ruth Fuerst was his first KNOWN victim. He strangled her during violent sex, and buried her body in the back garden at Rillington place.

8th November 1944, 32-year-old Muriel Eady was a neighbour, Christie invited her over as he claimed he had a cure for her chest complait, by using a special inhaler. The device actually contained carbon monoxide. Once unconscious he strangled her while raping her. She too was buried in the back garden. 

1948 the top floor flat at 10, Rillington Place was empty, the new lodgers were Timothy John Evans, a 24 year old van driver, with a low IQ, and his wife Beryl (20). The couple moved into the top floor flat, and soon gave birth to baby daughter, Geraldine.

8th November 1949, Beryl had discovered she was pregnant again, but did not want to keep the baby, abortion at the time was illegal, so she was planning on going to a back street clinic. She confided in Christie, who said he could help.

He poisoned her with carbon monoxide, strangled her and performed necrophilia. He then persuaded Timothy Evans not to go to the police as they would suspect him.

30th November 1949 Timothy Evans was in Wales staying with his aunt, they were suspicious of his stories and threw him out. He walked into a police station and confessed to putting his wife's dead body down a drain.

2nd December 1949, After a search at Rillington place police found not only Beryl, but, also baby Geraldine, in the wash house in the back garden, baby Geraldine still had a mans tie round her neck, that had been used to strangle her. Evans was arrested, then changed his story and accused Christie of the gruesome murders.

11th January 1950, Christie was the chief prosecution witness at the murder trial of Evans, he denied any knowledge of the deaths of Beryl and the baby.

9th March 1950, Evans was found guilty, and hanged at Pentonville Prison.

Christie descended into depression and his visits to prostitutes escalated.

12th December 1952, Two years after the Evans' events Christie killed his wife, and buried her under the floorboards of his ground floor flat.

19th January 1953 he killed 25-yeal-old pregnant prostitute Rita Nelson, using the termination excuse that he had used on Beryl Evans. He buried her body in an alcove behind a cupboard in the kitchen.

26th February 1953, Another prostitute, 26-year-old Kathleen Maloney, was gassed, strangled and raped. He also put her body in the alcove in the kitchen.

6th March 1953, Christie's final victim was 26-year-old Hectorina McLennan, she was also gassed, strangled and raped, possibly after death. Her body was also stashed behind the kitchen cupboard.

Christie then papered over the cuipboard.

20th March 1953, Unable to deal with the terrible smell coming from  decomposing bodies, Christie moved out of Rillington Place, leaving the new occupier to trace the origins of the awful smell in the flat.

After investigations by Mr. Brown (the new tenant) police, and a pathologist, the kitchen cupboard was found to contain the human remain of three women. Under the floor was Mrs. Christie, and in the garden two further bodies.

31st March 1953, John Reginald Haliday Christie was arrested.

While in custody Christie made detailed confessions to six of the killings. Confessing to the murder of Beryl Evans at his trial, he continued to deny the murder of baby Geraldine Evans.


22nd June 1953, Christie stands trial for the murder of his wife.

His plea of not guilty on the grounds of insanity was rejected.

The jury took 85 minutes to find him guilty.


15th July 1953, Aged 54, he was hanged in Pentonville prison by Albert Pierrepoint. After being pinioned for execution, When getting ready for execution, Christie complained that his nose itched. Pierrepoint assured him that "It won't bother you for long"


18th October 1966 justice was finally done when Timothy Evans was granted a posthumous pardon.


It has been suggested that with his special privilege as a Special Constable during the war, it is entirely possible that there were more victims.


Like many serial killers, Christie kept 'trophies', in this case pubic hair. But in his possessions was found pubic hair that could not be identifier as coming fro any of the known victims.....................


John Reginald Haliday Christie


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