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9 April 1969
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1 December 1996

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Model, Barmaid
M.O. Stabbing


Lee Harvey


From accounts after the crime from family and friends Tracie had a pretty normal upbringing and childhood. At age 22 in 1991 she gave birth to a daughter, Carla, Tracie and the father became estranged and the child was mostly looked after by Tracie's mother Irene.

After the birth of Carla Tracie worked as a hairdresser and as a model, but finally settled on working as a barmaid.


May 1994, Tracie met and became infatuated with Lee Harvey. The couple reportedly had a volatile relationship with cracks appearing in the new relationship and vicious arguments, Tracie apparently becoming increasingly insecure and jealous.


1995, The coulpe spent most of their time together, with Lee frequently returning home to his parents after arguments with Tracie, but he would soon be back with her. Later on 1995 he proposed.

June 1996, Tracie announced she was pregnant, family and friends still unsure about the relationship hoped this was the thing to calm them both down, then in;


August 1996, Tracie called Lee to come home, sayings she had fallen down the stairs and lost the baby.


October 1996, During an argument Tracie announced that she had not lost the baby in an accident, but had instead had an abortion, the argument escalated, and on returning home to their parents both were seen to have scratches and bruises, both sets of parents called police.


1st December 1996, After a day of arguing the couple decided that evening to go out for a drink to The Malbrook Pub.

Tracie later stated that the couple had some drinks and left the pub at around 9:45pm. They then headed off in Lee’s white 1990 Escort XR3i turbo and headed in the direction of home.

The couple took their usual route along School Lane towards the couple’s flat. Tracie reported that a dark-coloured, tatty 1986 Ford Sierra started honking its horn and flashing at Lee. She said that the car behind keep speeding up to get right behind them, but would then slow back down.

When the couple turned into Cooper’s Hill they realised the car was still following them so Lee said he had enough and pulled over. the Ford Sierra also pulled over.


Tracie stated that the driver of the Sierra got out of his car and approached Lee. She said that the driver was about 18 or 19 years old and that he had short, dark hair. Tracie then said she screamed, telling Lee to get back into the car but that Lee was extremely agitated and continued to argue with the Sierra driver.
Just then, an overweight, slightly older man with ‘staring eyes’ and wearing a donkey jacket got out of the passenger side of the Sierra.

Tracie then allegedly went over to  the altercation, the passenger called Tracie a slut and then hit her in the face, knocking her to the ground. When she recovered herself and got up, she realised that the passenger was now laying into Lee, she screamed for him to stop. The driver of the Sierra was also shouting, telling the passenger to leave it. The pair then jumped back into the car and sped away. Tracie realised Lee was seriously injured and checked for a pulse. A local man who had heard the screams arrived and police were called. Lee was pronounced dead at the local hospital, Tracie was also take to hospital,  to have her injuries attended to. She continued to be very talkative.


3rd December 1996 In the coming days while police continued the investigations, a press conference was arranged. The media and police baffled by the behaviour of Tracie. Once released from hospital and back at her flat Tracie took an overdose, and was close to death when found by her other. She was taken to hospital.

While in hospital police had become frustrated at finding no evidence at the murder scene, including not a single forensic fibre. They decided to re-drive the route Tracie claimed they had taken that night, the timings didn't add up.

Cooper’s Hill was only a ten-minute drive from the Malbrook pub and if Tracie was right in the fact that the couple left the pub at 9:45pm, why was the crime not reported until an hour later?

It was after the TV and media press conference appeal, that the police had gained some possible credible witnesses.

A young girl who lived in a nearby house stated that she had heard a man and a woman arguing at the time of Lee’s murder and had not heard any other male voices. Another witness came forward to say that he had seen a couple who had been driving close to Cooper Hill. He claimed that there was no other car present and that the couple in the car had been arguing, to the point that the man had missed the turning for Cooper Hill and had to slam on the brakes and reverse down the road to take the turning.

Saturday 7th December 1996, in Hospital. Andrews was arrested. Tracie went from happily talking about the incident to refusing to talk.
She was released on bail after being charged. She continued to maintain her road-rage defence.


Tracie Andrews continued to protest her innocence, holding press conferences, and appearing on chat shows, at one stage even producing an E-Fit of the alleged attacker.


30th June 1997, Tracie attended Birmingham Crown Court and pleaded not guilty to the murder of Lee Harvey.

A trial was set for July.

14 July 1997, Trial starts at Birmingham Crown Court. Police brought forward a blood spatter analysis expert who concluded that the blood spatters found on Tracie’s clothes suggested that she had been extremely close to Lee when he had been attacked and that the spatters were consistent with her being the attacker.

Tuesday 29 July 1997 Andrews was found guilty by a jury of nine women and three men at Birmingham Crown Court,

for the murder of Lee Harvey.
She was sentenced to life imprisonment, a 14 year minimum term was recommended, by the judge, Mr Justice Buckley.

October 1998
, .An appeal lodged by Andrews, alleging that she was the victim of a miscarriage of justice because of damaging publicity surrounding her case, was thrown out at a court hearing.

18 April 1999 Andrews admitted that she had carried out the crime. Stating an argument got out of control.

2006 it was reported in the national press that Andrews was hoping to be released from jail within months and planned to marry, but Home Office sources denied that she was due to be released imminently.
She was moved from Foston Hall jail in Derbyshire to Send prison near Woking, Surrey.


November 2009, Andrews had surgery while in prison to correct a jaw problem. This was discussed in the media, disgust was shown that a prisoner was getting NHS treatment.


July 2011, Andrews released on licence, she is not allowed to go within 25 miles of Harvey's family.

She allegedly changed her name to Tia Carter, then to Jenna Stephens.


28th August 2017, Tracie, now named Jenna Stephens, married bouncer Phil Goldsworthy.



Birmingham Crown Court
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Mr Justice Buckley


David Crigman QC


Ronald Thwaites QC











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