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Jordan Cunliffe ,Stephen Sorton,

 & Adam Swellings

Kill Total: 1 Kill place: Warrington
Kill date: 10 August 2007 Victim(s): Gary Newlove
Date of Birth:

Cunliffe - 1992

Sorton - 1991

Swellings - 1989

Marital Status: all single
AKA: Occupation:

Gary  Newlove, 47, was attacked when he confronted a gang of vandals in August 2007, after he got fed up with youngsters damaging his car. He was violently attacked, being kicked in the head many times.  He died in hospital  two days later.

Adam Swellings, 19, Stephen Sorton, 17, and Jordan Cunliffe, 16, were convicted at Chester Crown Court in January 2007.

Swellings, was only released from custody on the day of the attack, with one of his bail conditions being that he did not go to Warrington.

Swellings, was sentenced  to serve a minimum 17 years in jail.
Sorton, was ordered to serve a minimum 15 years and Cunliffe will stay in  jail for a minimum of 12 years.

Jailing the teenagers, Judge Andrew Smith said: "You were three of a gang who attacked Garry Newlove only because he had the courage to remonstrate with you.

"For you all drunken aggression was part of the night's entertainment.

"It was a gang attack, each of you continued to behave aggressively after you had finished with Garry Newlove."