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Satpal Ram




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Victim: Clarke Pearce






Birmingham Crown
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6th November 1986, Clarke Edward Pearce had been enjoying a meal at an Indian restaurant with his girlfriend, when an argument broke out with an Asian man also in the restaurant. The argument was about the piped Indian music in the Sky Blue restaurant, this culminated in a fight, in which the Asian man, Satpal Ram stabbed 22-year-old Pearce in the neck and back. Pearce had allegedly complained about the music, Ram is alleged to have said "Don't you like paki music", and then charged towards Pearce with a pocket knife.

He then went to the gents toilet in the restaurant and cleaned himself up. Later, while very drunk, he attended the local hospital where they refused to treat a cut to his face because of his abusive behaviour.

Satpal was found guilty at Birmingham crown court and sentenced to life imprisonment.

He appealed against his conviction in 1995 but the appeal was rejected.

In the last 15 years he has been moved between more than 60 prisons in the UK, there is a large campaign to free him, the campaigners claiming he was the victim of a racist attack and is therefore a political prisoner.

September 2001, Home Secretary Jack Straw rejected Ram's application for parole, despite a recommendation from the Parole Board that he should go free.

June 18, 2002, 7pm: Ram walks through the gates of HMP Blantyre House.

April 3, 2003: Ram's Judicial Review proceedings are settled.

April 17, 2003: The order in the Judicial Review proceedings is sealed; Ram is to receive 20,000 compensation.

April 24, 2003: A report is received from the London Probation Service recommending Ram's recall to prison following allegations of assault and criminal damage.

May 7, 2003: Ram's life licence is revoked; as of now he is unlawfully at large.

September 3, 2003: Home Secretary David Blunkett informs Ram's solicitors that their client can collect a cheque for his outstanding compensation and interest in person at Islington police station, London.

September 10, 2003, 10am: Ram fails to turn up at Islington police station.

January 12, 2004: The High Court throws out Ram's attempt to have his compensation paid while he is still unlawfully at large!

These is a campaign to have Ram officially released as the campaigners claim this was a racial attack, this website looks at facts, FACT; this man killed another.



Satpal Ram


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