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Peter Hollywood




Kill Total: 1

Kill date:

14 September 2009

Kill Place:

Kirkdale, Liverpool






Jamie (BUMPER) Kelly
D.O.B. 18 November1990




Liverpool Crown Court
Case No:  


Mr. Justice Burnett


John McDermott QC


Stephen Vaughan Riordan QC


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A local man, known by the local teenagers as a bully arranged to have a fight with one of them. The man had been picking on the kids for years, but the now teenagers decided enough was enough. A previous fight between the man and youngsters had ended up with the man being beater. A new fight was arranged, for:-

Monday 14th September 2009.

The man, Jonathon McDonald, although in his 30's and far older and bigger than the local kids called in friends of a similar age and size, in particular was  33 year old Peter Hollywood. McDonald had previous run ins with the youngsters and this was seen as a "straighener", to prove his metal. who needed to prove how hard he was to friends. Hollywood and friends gathered in local wasteland, armed with knives. Hollywood had a large kitchen knife.

A brawl started, and 18-yeal old Jamie Kelly, who had been completely innocent up till this point, stepped in to defend a friend. He was viciously attacked suffering multiple stab wounds.


The teenager was carried away from the brawl on wasteland near Delamore Street, Kirkdale, and was rushed to hospital in a taxi by friends, one of the knife wounds had pierced his lung, once at hospital the adrenalin kicked in, he walked into the hospital before collapsing in front of a doctor, he died later that day of his fatal wounds.


28th April 2010, At Liverpool Crown Court Hollywood and McDonald denied murder, but, Hollywood admitted stabling and slashing at 18-year-old Jaime Kelly. But claimed this was an act of self defence, saying he only slashed at Jamie to get him away. Hollywood said:- "When I stabbed him in the legs and bum, I just wanted him to go down so I could get away.


7th May 2010, Hollywood found guilty of murdering Jamie Kelly. McDonald was acquitted. The jury took seven hours to give a unanimous verdict.


11th May 2010,

Hollywood sentenced to life with a minimum term of 20 years. Eligible for parole 6th May 2030.

After sentencing The judge said: "I am entirely satisfied that you and other friends of Jonathan McDonald set out to ensure he was not humiliated again when a fight which you arranged between him and [the victims friend which] took place at lunchtime that day. I am quite satisfied you armed yourself with knifes. In particular, you took a large kitchen knife. You were not the only person who took knives. There are others who should be in the dock. You have through this trial protected them... There was, in my judgement, a significant degree of planning and premeditation of the possible use of knives. The victim was also vulnerable. You are a large 33-year-old man who was in the company of others. Jamie Kelly was only 18 when you killed him. The attack was ferocious... The family have lost a son and a grandson on the verge of adulthood and will forever mourn his loss and what would have been."


14 September 2014,

Police offer a 5,000 reward for further information leading to conviction of others in the case.



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