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Paul Glen




Kill Total: 2

Kill date:

Feb 1989  & June 2004

Kill Place:

Farcet, Cambridgeshire




Contract Killer


Ivor Usher

Robert Bogle






 Norwich Crown Court


Sir John Blofeld


Rex Tedd QC









31st February 1989, Glen's first murder, he was just 17, going prepared to murder hotelier  Ivor Usher he carried a kitchen knife, wrench, and some rope.


Glen was sentenced to life, but served just 13 years, and was released in 2002.


Wealthy Cambridgeshire builder Robert Lotts wanted to scare Mr Smart because he believed he had been intimidating his son's. His brother-in-law Wayne Wright from Hackney London, had underworld connections and was able to get hold of someone who was prepared to do the deed. Paul Glen was hired, Lotts and Wright have always claimed that Glen was hired to scare Smart, and not kill him.

Glen was paid 300.


8th June 2004, Glen travelled from Liverpool to Mr Smart's home in Main Street, Farcet, Cambridgeshire, armed with a kitchen knife.

As Robert Bogle and his girlfriend were preparing dinner in the kitchen, Glen kicked the door down and attacked Mr Bogle, stabbing him many times in the hands and arms, one strike went through his chest, stabbing him through the heart.

Mr Bogle's girlfriend hid in terror behind the sofa.

Bogle managed to crawl into the street, where a group of teenage girls were walking past, he shouted for them to call an ambulance.

He then collapsed.  The girls then saw a man leaving the house and calmly walking away.


Glen neglected to ask the mans name, and attacked the wrong man. Mr Bogle shared the house with the intended victim, Vincent Smart, who was not at home that evening. Mr Bogle is black, whereas Vincent Smart is white.

Glen went on the run to Blackpool.


Monday 2nd August 2004, Paul Glen is arrested and charged with murder.


Friday 29th July 2005, Sentencing Glen,  judge Sir John Blofeld said: "As a result of your actions a young man who had a future before him lost his life in circumstances which were terrible."
He ordered that Glen remain in jail for the rest of his natural life.


Glen therefore goes onto the Home office list of offenders serving a 'Whole life Tariff'. see list here >>


3rd February 2005, Paul Glen was married. A priest was with him in the chapel at Whitemoor high security prison in Cambridgeshire, his wife to be, 41 yea old Paula Kelly from Liverpool was in a hotel nearby, they have had no contact.


September 2005, Glen appealed to the High Court in London, to have his sentence reduced, the appeal was rejected.





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