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Newall Brothers

Newall Brothers

What is known is that on 10 October 1987 a night that began as a celebration of Elizabeth Newall’s 48th birthday ended in murder.

After the couple wined and dined with their sons Roderick (22) and Mark (21) at the old Seacrest Hotel near Corbiere they were beaten to death in their home.

56 year-old Nicholas Newall was attacked and killed in the sitting room of their bungalow in Clos de L’Antique and his wife Elizabeth was bludgeoned to death in the bedroom.

The next day the sons returned home to the UK and it was only around a week later, following the great storm, that Roderick was forced by concerned friends to come back to the island and officially declare his parents missing.

The cool, calm way in which Roderick and Mark dealt with the murders became a hallmark of the case.

Whilst rumours and theories were rife across the island with no bodies or evidence it simply remained a missing persons case.

It was in 1988 that police had their first breakthrough when they discovered the remains of a bonfire with burnt, blood splattered clothing and other belongings of the Newalls near the family home.

Forensics at the bungalow then discovered cleaned-up blood stains in the sitting room and bedroom which lead the police to believe that the couple had in fact been murdered.

Despite extensive searches including help from the UK search dogs used in the Moors murders case, and a Guernsey medium, the bodies weren’t found.

Three years after their murder Nicholas and Elizabeth were officially declared dead and the brothers inherited their parents’ house and money worth nearly a million pounds.

Five years after their murder Roderick Newall was tricked into a tape-recorded confession by his father’s twin brother, and after giving the police the slip he was eventually arrested sailing his boat in international waters.

After fighting extradition from Gibraltar for fourteen months he was brought back to Jersey where he took police to the spot in Greve de Lecq woods where he and his brother had buried their parents’ bodies.

Whilst Roderick confessed to both murders Mark was only charged with conspiring to cover up the killing.

Mark served just over three years of his sentence, a fact that many police at the time were disappointed with.

Roderick was released in 2005 after serving around 12 years of his double life sentence.