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Luke Mitchell




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Jun 2003

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Jodi Jones




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30th June 2003, Jodi's body was found near Dalkeith after she had set out from home, intending to meet Mitchell.
Mitchell was just 14 when he subjected Jodi to the savage knife attack that killed her.

The attack was savage, hitting her on the head and body and compressing her neck, restricting her breathing.
He also repeatedly stabbed Jodi with a knife both before and after death, inflicting wounds to her face, ear, mouth, breast and abdomen.


21st January 2005, After a trial that lasted 42 days, Luke Mitchell, then aged 16, from Dalkeith, was convicted by majority verdict at the High Court in Edinburgh of killing his former girlfriend.

Mitchell did not attend the trial, his alibi was that he was at home cooking at the time of the murder.

Mitchell was ordered to serve at least 20 years in prison after being found guilty.

The case took nearly three months, it was restarted in front of a new jury, convened in four different locations and even ventured into the fresh air for an unusual visit to the murder scene itself.
It became what is believed to be the longest trial of a single accused in Scottish criminal history.


During Mitchell's trial the prosecution attempted to show just how a 14 year old boy could become, in the words of the prosecutor, "a cool, confident, arrogant killer".
The jury heard that Mitchell was an obsessive fan of controversial American rocker, Marilyn Manson.

The US star's website shows his obsession with a grotesque California murder in the 1940s, which became known as the Black Dahlia killing.

Jodi's death and the wounds to her body held similarities, the prosecution argued.




March 2006, Mitchell was granted leave to appeal against his conviction (and the length of his  sentence) at the High Court of Justiciary sitting as the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh, on the grounds that the trial judge should have moved the trial outside the city.


February 2008, The Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh heard Mitchell's appeal.


15th May 2008, Mitchell lost his appeal against the conviction for the Murder of Jodi in 2003, Mitchell's original conviction was upheld by Lord Osborne, Lord Kingarth and Lord Hamilton.

They ruled that there was sufficient evidence in law that Mitchell could be convicted on.


2nd February 2011, Mitchell's appeal against sentence was refused.


20th July 2012, lawyers acting for Mitchell launched a fresh bid to have his conviction overturned when a 300-page dossier was hand delivered to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission. The dossier included claims that a Mitchell lookalike may have confused eyewitnesses.


July 2014, the SCCRC revealed that police officers breached Luke Mitchell’s human rights when they questioned him over the murder of his teenage girlfriend Jodi Jones. However, they determined he was not the victim of a miscarriage of justice.




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