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Kimberley Hainey





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Paisley, Scotland





Declan Hainey


17 April 2008



Glasgow High Court
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Lord Woolman


Andrew Stewart QC


Edward Targowski QC




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August 2009, 16 month old Declan Hainey last seen alive.


30th March 2010, Toddler Declan' Haineys'

decomposed and mummified body was discovered in his cot in the flat in Bruce Road, Paisley. Forensic experts calculated that the little boy had been dead for many months.

The cot did not even have sheets, the body had fused to the mattress. Just outside the cot were empty vodka bottles and empty take away cartons.  In his cat, laying besides him, a dirty nappy, and between his legs the cellophane wrap from a cigarette packet.

The toddlers body was discovered by Hainey's mother Elizabeth Rodden, step-father John Rodden and her aunt Ann McNeilage, they were traumatised, and called the police.

After Declan's death Hainey sold his clothes and toys to buy heroin.


4th November 2011, Kimberley Hainey goes on trial at Glasgow High court accused of murdering her toddler son Declan Hainey.


December 2011, The court heard that Hainey claimed that Declan died in his travel cot in the lounge, and she then moved his body to the cot in the bedroom, expert witnesses disputed this, saying that as the toddlers arm was raised in such a position, it is likely he died in the bedroom.

The travel cot in the lounge was overflowing with empty lemonade bottles and sweet rappers. At the bottom of all the rubbish was Declan's favourite toy, 'Igglepiggle'. .

The entire house was full of rubbish, including needles and other drug related items.

It was reported that Hainey would frequently go out on drinking binge's often not coming home for days at a time, leaving Declan to fend for himself.


In court Hainey's mother said she had offered to look after Declan, but Hainey refused, and would often go to her to get money, saying iit was for Decklan's care, when it was clearly for alcohol and drugs. Her mother and other family members did not see Declan alive after his first birthday party on 17th April, 2009.


A neighbour who saw Declan between May and July 2009 described Declan as "withdrawn and shy" and spoke of his eyes being glazed over. Another said he "appeared tired all the time."


December 2011, Kimberly Hainey is found guilty of murdering her own son.

She was also convicted of neglecting her son, failing to report his death and of attempting to pervert the course of justice by concealing his body.

Sentencing deferred to allow reports.

Hainey continues to insist her innocence. She claims that Declan died in his sleep and that she had a breakdown and was pretending to herself that he was still alive


Thursday 12th January 2012, Hainey is sentenced to a minimum 15 years in jail.

Jailing Hainey for life, judge Lord Woolman said she would have to live with the fact she murdered her son.
The judge added: "Declan Hainey's first birthday took place in April 2009. He appeared to have all his future in front of him. He was surrounded by a loving family.
"People thought you were a devoted mother, but a matter of months later Declan was dead."







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