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Kill Total: 1 Kill place: London
Kill date: June 2007 Victim(s): Martin Dinnegan
Date of Birth:  1992 Marital Status:
AKA: Occupation:


June 2008, Two gangs of youths clashed in Holloway . One group were on a bus and another group on bikes, they gave each other "dirty looks".

The youths on cycles then followed the group from the bus. The groups clashed twice, first in a nearby park then an hour and a half later next to a housing estate.

In the second confrontation, Martin and another youth argued with Chin, who was left with a cut on his shoulder. Martin then fled, chased by members of the rival group.  He fell to the ground and was stabbed four times in the back by Joseph Chin.


July 2008, Chin found guilty, to be sentenced in August.


August 2008, Chin has been sentenced to life imprisonment

Kevron Williams, 17, was sentenced to four years for attempting to cause grievous bodily harm during the attack .