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Jake Fahri

One Off Killers


Jimmy Mizen


Kill Total: 1 Kill place: Lee, London
Kill date: 10th May 2008 Victim(s):

Jimmy Mizen

Date of Birth:


Marital Status:






Saturday 10th May 2008,16 year old Jimmy Mizen was in a bakery in Burnt ash hill, Lee, South London. He refused to have a fight, and was subsequently stabbed in the neck with a piece of glass.


Jimmy had turned 16 the day before, and had gone into the Three Cooks bakery shop with his older brother to buy his first lottery ticket. Fahri threw an advertising sign then a glass plate, the plate striking Jimmy in the neck, severing an artery, Jimmy bled to death.


Thursday 15th May, 19 year old Jake Fahri, has been arrested and remanded in custody by Sutton Magistrates' Court.


Thursday 12th March 2009, Trial of Jake Fahri starts. The jury of eight women and four men were sworn in at the Old Bailey in London. Fahri pleaded not guilty to Jimmy's murder, he claims self defence, after a fight broke out between him and the brothers.


Friday 27th March 2009, Fahri was sentenced to life in prison to serve at least 14 years.



Crispin Aylett QC, prosecuting


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