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Colin Evans




Kill Total: 1

Kill date:

11 March 1983

Kill Place:

Dagenham, Essex




Truck Driver


Marie Payne
D.O.B. 1979




The Old Bailey











11th March 1983, The abduction of 4 year old Marie Payne from a park near her home at Goresbrook Road, Dagenham, during broad daylight, elicited only a passing interest at the police station as officers noted her details, just in case she should be seen walking around Waltham Abbey.

Several months later, an Enfield couple came across some child's clothing in a hollow tree in St. Thomas' Quarters,' a triangular area of forest land bounded by Epping Road, Upshire Road and Lodge Road, the clothing was confirmed as belonging to little Marie.

October 1983, .A widespread search of the surrounding areas of Epping Forest took place for a few days,  For two days, 300 men, 120 Metropolitan police, 100 Essex police, fifty police and army cadets and twenty Forest Rangers, systematically searched the area without success.

Less than one month, later the hollow tree in which the items of clothing had been found was destroyed by fire, it was believed at the time to be the work of child vandals, but later this was called into question, was it in fact Evans, trying to destroy evidence?

May 1984, Colin Evans, a 44 year old lorry driver from Russell Street, Reading, Berkshire was arrested following further attempts to steal children in Ilford, Essex. He had previously been in prison for child related incidents.

Friday 11th. May 1984. Directed to the exact spot by Evans, police found the body, the body was badly decomposed, and was identified through dental records. Death had been primarily due to a skull fracture.

The police search of exactly the same spot some seven months earlier had, it seems, been at fault. Although it was defensively suggested that Evans returned to dig up and sexually interfere with the body long after her death, there seems little doubt that Marie lay there when the search was undertaken.

17th December 1984 Evans pleaded Guilty to the murder charge and three cases of child abduction, at the Old Bailey. In sentencing him to life, the judge made a recommendation that he serve a minimum of 30 years in prison.


April 2008, in the High Court in London, the recommended minimum term of thirty years was reduced on appeal to 27 years.





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