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Shirley Banfield



Shirley Banfield &

Lynette Banfield




Shirley  1950 -

Lynette -  1972

Kill Total:


Kill date:

13th May 2001

Kill Place:

Wealdstone ?




Retired tax inspector


Don Banfield
D.O.B. 1938




The Old Bailey




Crispin Aylett QC


William Clegg QC Jeffrey Samuels QC








Before his disappearance Mr Banfield had feared his wife was trying to kill him by putting poison in his food, and told a friend and his local doctor that he had been handcuffed to the bed overnight.

Banfield told friends he woke up to find his wife trying to put a plastic bag over his head, while another time his daughter squirted furniture polish in his eyes while his wife brandished a knife.

His disappearance was treated as a missing person case until 2009 after Mr Banfield's previous employers William Hill became suspicious.


13th May 2001, His marriage on the rocks, Don decided to sell the family home in Locket Road, Wealdstone North London.

Shortly after signing a contract to sell the house, making a  123,000 profit, Don Banfield was never seen again.


19th May 2001, a friend reported Don Banfield missing to police.

Police carried out an initial investigation, but believed he had vanished of his own accord.


October 2009, a routine review of the case was conducted. As a result of several irregularities identified in relation to his state and private pensions, and disability benefit claims, the investigation was handed to the Homicide and Serious Crime squad of Harrow Police.


23rd February 2010, Shirley and Lynette were arrested at their new home in Canterbury, Kent for murder and fraud. During the investigation police had dug up the front garden at the former family home in Wealdstone, as well as digging in local allotments.


2011, The women were arrested after police failed to discover any evidence that Mr Bandfield was actually alive,3 years after they last claimed to have seen him alive; a claim that they later admitted was a lie and pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.


They also admitted conspiracy to defraud William Hill of 29,451 in pension payments and forging a disability allowance application.

Thursday 8th March 2012, trial starts of the mother and daughter at the Old Bailey in London.


Thursday 29th March 2012, Jury retires to consider  verdict.


Tuesday 3rd April 2012, Shirley Banfield and her daughter Lynette Banfield, both found guilty of murder,  by a majority verdict of 10 - 1.


During the trial it was revealed that Shirley Banfield dishonestly claimed her husband was still live, and claimed over 30,000 from his William Hill Pension, as well attempting to claim state benefits in his name,.


Both women were sentenced to life imprisonment, a minimum term of 18 years for Shirley Banfield and 16 years for her daughter.


They were also jailed for 42 months each, to run concurrently with their life sentences, for dishonesty and perverting the course of justice.

No body has ever been recovered.




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