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Michael Queripel

Kill Total: 1 Kill place: Potters Bar
Kill date: April 1955 Victim(s): Elizabeth Currell
Date of Birth: Marital Status: Single
AKA: Occupation:

At dawn on 29th April 1955 the  body of Mrs Elizabeth Currell was found in the rough near the 17th tee on Potters Bar Golf Course.

Mrs Currell's would walk her dog on the course each evening and her husband had reported her missing when the dog returned alone the previous evening. A stocking had been tied around the dead woman's throat and she had been killed by blows from a heavy iron tee-marker that lay nearby. On the marker was a bloody palm print.

When the palm print was not found in police records, police decided to fingerprint local employees. Eventually over 9,000 sets of prints were taken and, on 19 August 1955, a print was found that matched. It belonged to 17-year-old Michael Queripel, a clerk with Potters Bar Urban District Council. Initially he told police that he had only discovered the body but then admitted the killing. He told police that he was out walking trying to clear a headache, and had seen the woman and hit out at her.

His trial for murder was at the Old Bailey on 12 October, where he pleaded guilty. He was ordered to be detained during Her Majesty's Pleasure.