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Mehmet Goren

Kill Total:


Kill place:

Walthamstow, London

Kill date:

January 1999


Tulay Goren

Date of Birth:


Marital Status:




7th January 1999 Tulay last seen alive with her father Mehmet Goren in Woodford Green, it is alleged he killed her later that day.


22nd  January 1999, Tulay Goren was reported officially missing.


Thursday, 27 November 2008, Three men are charged,

Mehmet Goren,  was charged with the murder of his daughter, Tulay, , while her uncles, Cuma Goren & Ali Goren,  are accused of conspiracy to murder.  All three men also denied conspiracy to murder Tulay's boyfriend, Halil Una.


Thursday, 8th October 2009, Trial starts at the Old Bailey.

The court heard that Goren was a bully who had once tried to gas his whole family to death and, on another occasion, attempted to inject his wife, Hanim, with rat poison.

Goren's wife gave  evidence against her husband after 30 years of torment at his hands.


17th December 2009, Mehmet Goren is sentenced to a minimum 22 years in prison.

His brothers, Ali Goren, and Cuma Goren, were cleared of the charge.

All three defendants were cleared of conspiring to murder Tulay’s boyfriend.


According to official statistics from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) there are 12 suspected 'honour killings' in the UK every year.



Prosecuting - Jonathan Laidlaw QC

Court - Old Bailey



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