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Mark Farrell & John Farrell

Kill Total:


Kill place:


Kill date:

November 2007


Patrick Friel

Date of Birth:

1990 & 1992

Marital Status:




Tuesday 20th November 2007, Patrick Friel, aged 25, from Balmore Road, Glasgow, died after being assaulted by a group of men on Royston Road at 7:25am.

on the morning of the attack, Mrs Andrea Farrell had phoned 999 after hearing Mr Friel banging on doors in their close in Royston Road. When Mr Friel returned later, John Farrell senior and John Farrell junior chased him with hammers.
They repeatedly struck Mr Friel on the head and body near St Roch's Secondary School, where Mark Farrell was a third year pupil. Mr Friel managed to run off but was pursued by John Farrell junior.
Near the school his brother Mark, who was armed with a knife, ran from the opposite direction and both brothers attacked Mr Friel.
John Farrell junior struck Mr Friel in the head with the hammer and Mark Farrell struck him twice on the body with a knife.
The brothers then ran off and met up with their father.

Mr Friel collapsed on the roadway and was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where he later died.

Thursday, 6 December 2007, Two teenage boys arrested, They were not named at the time because of their ages, 15 and 17.


Friday 24th April 2009, at the High Court in

John Farrell junior admitted hitting Mr Friel on the head with a hammer.
His brother Mark admitted swinging at him with a knife but said he was in a panic and did not mean to kill him.
John Farrell senior admitted assaulting Mr Friel by striking him repeatedly on the body with a hammer.


The younger brother was detained for 10 years and John Farrell was ordered to spend six years behind bars.
Their father, John Farrell senior, was jailed for 32 months.



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