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Mark Philip Dixie




Kill Total:


Kill date:

25 September 2005

Kill Place:

Croydon, Surrey




Pub Chef


Sally Anne Bowman
D.O.B. 11 September 1987




The old Bailey


Mr Gerald Gordon












Mark Dixie had a string of previous convictions for sex offences, prior to the murder of Sally Ann Bowman.
Dixie was charged with indecently assaulting a woman when he was just 16 and continued to get into trouble with police throughout his life.

Police suspect he may have targeted other women while living in Australia. He lived there from 1993 to 1999 working as a cook in bars and restaurants, eventually being deported to England from Western Australia after jumping out of a bush naked and making lewd suggestions to a woman jogger.

After arriving back in England he lived in various parts of south London, moving to Spain in 2002 and to Amsterdam in 2006.
He has three sons, two with the girlfriend he followed to Australia, and one with Stacey Nivet, with whom he lived in Corydon in 2003.

Surrey Police arrested him in connection with a pub brawl at his workplace, Ye Olde Six Bells in Horley, and took a DNA swab. It took two weeks for Dixie's profile to be added to the national DNA database, five hours later he was arrested for murder.

His defence was that he found a young girl unconscious in the street and he had sex with her, he denied that he had anything to do with the murder.

Police believe Dixie, was responsible for an assault on a 36-year-old woman about an hour before Miss Bowman was killed.
It is believed that it was Dixie that attempted to attack her and steal her mobile phone, when a taxi driver came to the woman's aid, Dixie is thought to have run about 1,300ft to a safe place - Blenheim Terrace, the street in which he had lived with Miss Nivet.
Police are sure that it was there that he saw Miss Bowman and her boyfriend Lewis Sproston having an argument in a car, and lay in wait, attacking moments after Mr Sproston left.

Local residents reported hearing screams in the street about 4:30am.on the morning of 25th September. She was found dead in a pool of blood in her own driveway, she had been stabbed repeatedly.

During the three week trial, Mark Dixie denied the charge. He claimed he found Miss Bowman dead after he had been on a drink and drugs binge and had sex with her body

4th February 2008, Trial starts at The Old Bailey.

Dixie denies murder, sticking to his story that he came across Sally Anne lying in the street and decided to rape her, it was only after the assault that he realised she was dead.

Forensic scientist Julie-Ann Cornelius informed the jury that there is a billion to one chance that the DNA found on Sally Anne’s body is not from Dixie.


February 2008 - Dixie is found guilty of murder, sentenced to serve a minimum of 34 years.


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