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Mark Leonard Bridger




 6 November 1965
Kill Total:


Kill date:

October 2012

Kill Place:

Powys, Wales






April Jones

D.O.B 2007




Mold Crown Court



Justice Griffith-Williams


Elwen Mair Evans QC


Brendan Damien Kelly QC








Monday 1st October 2012, 5 year old April Jones had been playing in the street in front of her house, on her bike, and with local friends on the Bryn-Y-Gog estate in Machynlleth, Powys. At 7:30pm her mother reported her missing.

Police started an immediate search.

Thanks to social medias sites like Twitter and Facebook world spread and local residents met at a community centre at 8pm to help the search.

By 10pm police issue a statement saying they are concerned as April was seen getting into a light coloured van.


Tuesday 2nd October 2012, The search for April continues. At 3:30pm a man is arrested. police said he has a Land rover discovery similar to the one witnesses saw April climb in to.


Saturday 6th October 2012, Police announce they have charges Mark Bridger with child abduction, murder and perverting the course of justice


Monday 8th October 2012,  Bridger appeared at Aberystwyth magistrates court charged with murder, child abduction and attempting to pervert the course of justice - this charge refers to unlawful disposal and concealment of a body.


The search for April continues, the largest police operation in UK history.

Up to 16 search teams - a total of 150 police officers a day - were involved, including 10 police dogs, 100 mountain rescuers, two RNLI vessels, kayakers and helicopter support, as well as hundreds of local residents.


Monday 14th January 2013, Bridger appears at Mold Crown Court, he denied abduction and murder. But his barrister says he may be responsible fore her death.


Monday 28th April 2013, Trial begins at Mold Crown Court.

Bridger claimed he must of ran over April in his car, but was too drunk to remember.

Fragments of human skull were found in his wood burner.

When police examined his computer they found indecent images of children and child murder victims


Thursday 30th May 2013, After just 4 hours and 6 minutes the jury at Mold Crown Court found Bridger guilty of child abduction, perverting the course of justice, and murder.


Bridger, a father of 6, was given a whole life tariff  by the Judge, Justice Griffith-Williams, who added, "You are a pathological liar. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a paedophile"


the search for April continues, although since the end of April 2013 this was scaled down.





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