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Kill Total: 1 Kill place: Stagsden - Bedford
Kill date: 20 March 1876 Victim(s): baby daughter
Date of Birth: 1839 Marital Status: married
AKA: Lucy Ellis Occupation: Maid

In the early morning of Monday 20th March 1876 a gamekeeper out shooting, discovered some black cloth, hidden in bushes, he prodded it, it seemed to be bulky, he opened the parcel to reveal the body of a child. Police and a doctor were called, the black parcel turned out to be a woman's skirt, the doctor discovered no noticeable cause of death and declared death by asphyxiation. A door to door search of the local villages revelled nothing, then the police had a breakthrough.

A local family in Stagsden the Lowe's had a daughter that it was reported had recently had a child. The family refused to accept this and said their daughter way working in London.

After investigations the police discovered Lucy Lowe had indeed had a child. They fond out that she had been married twice, her first husband having died, the second deserting her and her three children, children having been deposited at the Bedford workhouse. 

In 1875 Lowe had got a job as a maid at a large family home in Hampstead, London, In January 1876 she left the house telling the employers she was going  to work in Bedford, she found accommodation in Bedford, and on 26th February 1876 she gave birth to a baby girl. Lucy then left, telling the lady of the house she was going to Derby, where relations would bring up the child, she then set off for her home town of Stagedsen.

When she arrived her family were pleased to see her, but, she did not arrive with a child. She stayed at the family home until after the discovery of the dead baby. She then returned to London and managed to get her job back.

On 4th march 1976 local police travelled to London to interview her,

Lucy Lowe was tried in Bedford on 3rd July 1876 she was found guilty but the jury, although the death penalty was standard for murder, asked for mercy to be shown, it was, and the sentence was lowered to life imprisonment.