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Duaine Daniels

Kill Total: 1 Kill place: New Cross, lnondon
Kill date: 10 November 2000 Victim(s): George Napier
Date of Birth:   Marital Status:
AKA: Occupation:

George Napier  worked as a Doorman at the Paradise Bar in New cross, and was a father of three children. When he refused entry to violent Duaine Daniels he was stabbed through the heart. Daniels had just been released from a 10 year sentence for beating an elderly lady during an aggravated burglary. During that trial Daniels had asked for 950 similar offences to be taken into consideration. On release he became a serial mugger and armed robber to feed his 300/day crack habit. He received seven life sentences during the second trial. The judge said Daniels would remain a serious danger to the public.