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David Lilburn

Craig Shepard

Kill Total: 1 Kill place:
Kill date: 28th July 2007 Victim(s): Ann Lilburn
Date of Birth: 1963 Marital Status: Married
AKA: n/a Occupation:


Sunday 29th July 2007,

Mrs Ann Lilburn is heard to scream "I'm dead" in a 999 call. She also appears to plead with her husband, David: "Stop it. I can't breathe."  Mrs Lilburn suffered a total of 86 stab wounds to her stomach, back and neck.


Monday 7th July 2008, Trial starts at High Court in Glasgow.

Lilburn denies murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He claims he was not of sound  mind after his wife admitted to wanting to leave him.

The jury was told that when police searched the couple's home after the attack, they found four blood-stained knives near to Mrs Lilburn's body in the main bedroom.

They also discovered a blood-stained cordless telephone.

The court was told Mrs Lilburn had instructed a solicitor regarding a split from her husband prior to her death. Letters from her lawyer to the accused about the separation were also found by the police.


Friday 18th July 2008, The jury did not accept the diminished responsibility claim and found Lilburn guilty of murder.