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Daniel McNaughton

Kill Total: 2 Kill place: London
Kill date: January 1843 Victim(s): Edward Drummond
Date of Birth:   Marital Status:
AKA: Occupation: Medical Student

A very important case, that set the standards for criminal law.

McNaughton, a part time actor and medical student spent the early 1930's touring England as a political agitator. On  20th January 1843 he saw a man , only from the back, approaching Downing Street,. he fired a shot, into what turned out to be prime minister Robert Peel's private secretary, Edward Drummond.

Drummond managed to make it to his family home, but despite treatment, died of his wound 5 days later.

At the trial McNaughton was found not guilty due to insanity. He originally was sent to Bethnal Royal hospital, where he lived for 20 years, before being transferred to Broadmoor, where he stayed until he died in 1865.

Further study of the crime years later showed that his library tickets showed that he had read many books on political agitation, as well as books on crime and mental health,. particularly interesting were several books on insanity.

 McNaughton had 750 in his bank account, a large amount at the time. It has been suggested that his political involvement meant that he may of met someone who wanted Tory prime minister peel assassinated, and McNaughton had read up on insanity so as to avoid the death penalty.