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Craig Michael Bidgway




Kill Total: 1

Kill date:

15 April 2007

Kill Place:







Danielle Bidgway
D.O.B. 1975




Crown Court


Mr Justice Davis


Peter Murphy










Sunday 15th April 2007. The body of 32 year old Danielle Bidgway was discovered at her house in Gwendoline Terrace, Abercynon, South Wales, just before 8.30am.


Monday 16th April 2007. Craig Bidgway, aged 37, was charged with her murder.


Danielle Bidgway and her husband Craig had taken their two children to the Disneyland Resort in Paris – but she then returned to her lover Anthony Williams,  Danielle was torn between her desire to be with her children and her desire to be with Anthony Williams.

Danielle was spending Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays with Mr Williams and the other nights of the week at home with her husband and children.

During one of her weekend stays Danielle made her husband an offer of 40,000 to buy out his share of the house, Craig later told police it was that which caused him to snap.

Craig Bidgway strangled his wife Danielle and used a carrier bag to suffocate her as she lay on the bed, Cardiff Crown Court was told.

He then went into the bedroom of their two-year-old son, he was asleep when Bidgway put a plastic bag over his head and tried to secure it. He did not succeed and stopped when the boy woke up.




23rd June 2008,  Craig Bidgway denied murder and attempted murder. but admitted a lesser charge of manslaughter of his wife and attempted manslaughter of his son.


He told previously police how, on the morning of 15th April he got on top of her on the bed and put his hands around her throat.

Bidgway admitted that he unlawfully killed his wife.

Peter Murphy, prosecuting, said Bidgway had pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the basis he did not intend to kill his wife or cause her serious harm.

Bidgway was said to have told officers: “She was struggling – then I saw the carrier bag she used for her clothes to go back and forth to his place. “She was struggling and was still breathing and sucking in the air. “I thought: ‘Oh God, what have I done.’ “I told her I loved her and cuddled her but her arm just flopped down. Her lips were all blue – she was gone.”


Prosecuting, Peter Murphy said Bidgway then telephoned his mother and told her he had killed Danielle.

She went to the house and called the police, who discovered him at the side of the bed hugging his wife’s body.


29th June 2008, The jury found Bidgway guilty on both counts after four hours deliberation.

He appeared in the dock for the verdicts despite spending most of the trial in the cells. Bidgway was declared psychologically unfit to give evidence at his trial after breaking down a number of times in the dock.

Judge Mr Justice Davis said: "He has got to confront what has happened sooner or later. He can't carry on hiding. I say that so he understands."

"It will be a life sentence as laid down by law."

Bidgway was ordered to serve a minimum of 14 years in prison.


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