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Christopher Lewis & Marvin Walker

Shane Owoo

Kill Total: 1 Kill place: West Midlands
Kill date: 29th September 2007 Victim(s): Shabe Owoo
Date of Birth: Marital Status:
AKA: Occupation:


29th September 2007,

Shane was grabbed by Lewis and Walker and taken to a local flooded clay pit, known locally as Lunt pool. They made him get into  the pool after he had taken a bike belonging to one of the defendants.
Sticks and stones were used to stop the teenager, described as "not a strong swimmer", from getting out of the water.


The body was found on 30th September 2007.


Friday 25th April 2008

The court heard Shane Owoo had been "frogmarched" down to the pool and pelted with stones in a row over a bike the day before he was found dead.

Christopher Lewis, 22, and Marvin Walker, 21, both from Wolverhampton, pleaded guilty to manslaughter.


A third man, Tobias Davies, 21, from Wolverhampton, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and was jailed for 12 months, he was released after already serving his time while on remand. He was involved in the original attack, but not in the incident by the pool.


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