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Christopher Hawkins

Kill Total: 1 Kill place: Bradford
Kill date: 23 September 2007 Victim(s): Son- Ryan Hawkins
Date of Birth: 1960 Marital Status: Married
AKA: Occupation: Metal Worker


13 December 2007. Christopher Hawkins, appeared at Bradford Crown Court where he pleaded not guilty to killing his son Ryan Hawkins on 23 September 2007. Ryan had been found with nine stab wounds at his home in Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield. His sister Donna aged 14, suffered 23 stab wounds but survived.

Leeds Crown Court heard Mr Hawkins was aggrieved at his wife leaving him.

Prosecutor Simon Myerson QC told the jury that Mr Hawkins and his wife Valerie separated earlier in 2007 when she told him she no longer loved him. But he later discovered his estranged wife had begun an affair with a driver at the taxi firm where she worked, while they were still living together.


Hawkins claimed he loved his children, and said he could not recall the attack which killed his son. He told the jury: "It wasn't me that day. It was like some evil inside me. "I must have been insane that day. If I was sane that day Ryan would be here now and my daughter would not have those horrific scars. Ryan was the perfect son. I couldn't have asked for a better son. Why it happened I do not know, he meant the world to me."

But, the jury did not accept his version of events and the metal worker was found guilty of murdering his son and stabbing his daughter.

5 March 2008 Jailing Hawkins to 21 years in Prison judge Wilkie said: "I'm satisfied, but for the speed and skill of the doctors at the hospital, you would have faced two murder charges."